Safe Driving

Safe Driving Tips for College Students

Remind your teen about the basics of safe driving before handing over the keys, including:


Avoid distracted driving

According to the CDC, drivers in their 20s make up 27% of all distracted drivers involved in fatal crashes. Remind them about the importance of focusing on solely on the road; no texting, snacking or applying makeup.

Watch your speed

The majority of accidents today are caused by excessive speed or aggressive driving. Drive slowly through neighborhoods with children playing in the yards and back up slowly out of driveways and parking spots.

Follow the rules of the road

The most basic of safe driving tips is simply to follow the rules; adhere to road signs, follow other cars at a safe distance, and never drive while impaired — or get in the car with someone who is.

Take your time

More cars on the road over the summer can mean more possibilities for accidents. Remind your student to allow for plenty of time to get where they need to be so there’s no rushing around.

Keep the weather in mind

In the summer you may not need to worry about icy roads or blowing snow, but you should still be prepared for any type of summer weather, like thunderstorms or bright sunlight. Headlights should always be used in the rain, and keep a spare set of sunglasses in the car at all times.