Substitute Sticker
 Purchase substitute sticker for Maryland tags. Order Maryland DMV substitute sticker online.

Substitute license plates and/or stickers may be requested when:
Your vehicle’s original license plates and/or stickers are lost, stolen or damaged and you want to replace them with license plates of the same type or format; You want standard license plates to replace your Chesapeake Bay, Agriculture, personalized message (vanity), or organizational license plates.

Substitute Sticker requires: Tag Number & Title Number

The cost for Substitute Stickers are $25.00.

Substitute Sticker Form
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I understand it is unlawful to knowingly submit false information to Maryland Express Tag & Title. For vehicle transactions(s), I certify the vehicle is covered by at least the minimum amount of insurance required by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Law, and will be continuously insured throughout its registration period.

Be selecting "Submit", I certify, under penalties of perjury, that I am a resident of the State of Maryland, the information provided herein and any transactions in the shopping cart is my own, and is true and correct to the best of my knowledge, information and belief.

I authorize Maryland Express Tag & Title to verify the information provided on this application, as required, to determine eligibility.

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